Latissimus Dorsi Location In The Body

Where exactly is the Latissimus Dorsi location in the body?
The Latissimus Dorsi is the largest flat dorsal muscle in the back. It runs across the entire back and is partially covered by the Trapezius.

In layman’s terms they are called the lats. Latissimus Dorsi actually means “Broadest of the back”.

It is a very wide but thin triangular muscle that not used strenuously during every day activities but is important for exercises like swimming, rowing, and pull-ups.

Latissimus Dorsi muscle function is responsible for extension, adduction, rotation and horizontal adbuction as well as flexion from an extended position. In anatomy circles it is called the lady between two majors because it is attached to the Teres major and Pectoralis major muscle groups. Read more

Feel Great with the Paleo Diet Plan

The whole premise of the Paleo diet plan short for the Paleolithic diet is that it is an eating program that can help you lose weight easily, by eating as our ancestors the cavemen ate. Most of us have known that cavemen did not have access to processed food and ate natural foods meat and plant-based foods. These are the diverse options that are more nutritious and slimming as well. The Paleo diet meal plan really works, as has been borne out by those using the plan. Make sure to use the Paleo diet eating plan to shave off pounds. It is easy to follow and there ae lots of recipes that can be enjoyed that fit in with the Pale diet plan. The Paleo Diet eating menu is varied and not restrictive, and you can find recipes that will allow you to eat your food in a delicious way.

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